Inverted tooth chains outscore the alternatives. Whether they are used as a drive solution to replace systems based on gear drives or belts, or as a transport solution in place of belts, roller conveyors, or roller chains – their superiority is demonstrated in measurable advantages.

Advantages of inverted tooth chains at a glance

  • Ideal solution for use in drive and transport systems
  • High degree of efficiency thanks to low-maintenance operation
  • Superior to solutions with toothed wheels/gears or belts (drives)
  • Superior to belts, roller conveyors, and roller chains (transport)


Inverted tooth chain drives

Advantages and features of inverted tooth conveyor chains

  • Fast, with speeds up to 50 m/s
  • Extremely smooth and quiet operation
  • Low-maintenance and durable thanks to rolling pivots
  • Little lubrication needed
  • Toothing without any play


Advantages of Renold Inverted Tooth Chain Drives Over...

... belts

  • More resistant to chemicals, especially when cooling lubricants are used
  • Simple assembly thanks to the possibilities of pin locks associated with corresponding short downtimes or the lack of extra construction
  • Reduced sensitivity to temperatures > 85 °C and extremes in humidity, e.g. material does not swell and the tensile member does not shrink when moisture is absorbed

... other steel pintle chains

  • Very high maximum speed
  • Low and uniform wear
  • Low running noise
  • Very high maximum speed
  • Low and uniform wear
  • Low running noise
  • Good meshing conditions
  • Low wear even with standard sprockets
  • Highly flexible width
  • Smooth running , not susceptible to vibration
  • High efficiency
  • Consistent, high quality

... gear wheels / gear boxes

  • Low cost for wide shaft center distances
  • Meshing unaffected by fluctuations in temperature
  • Quiet at every operating point
  • Zero tooth flank backlash
  • High tolerances for shaft arrangement
  • Possible to combine rotatory and linear motion
  • Good self-damping
  • Highly efficient at every operating point
  • Moderate costs for special solutions

Inverted tooth chains from Renold - the benchmark for wrap drives


Inverted tooth conveyor chains

Advantages and features of inverted tooth conveyor chains

  • Slip-free
  • Driver link plates in many different versions
  • Any choice of shape or width
  • Slight elongation
  • Small return wheels
  • Robust and temperature-resistant
  • With a polished top surface or polished on both sides
  • Chains without rigid backing
  • Stainless version
  • No protruding rivet heads

Avoidable Problems of Various Conveyor Systems with...

... belts 

  • Damage due to sharp-edged parts
  • High degree of wear
  • Lack of thermal and chemical resistance
  • Difficult to repair
  • Complex assembly
  • Large roller diameter
  • Large in width
  • High pre-load forces

... roller conveyors 

  • Loud running noises
  • Low accuracy
  • Changing conveyance height
  • Many individual drives
  • Lack of interlocking driving
  • Limited accessibility
  • Small bearing surface
  • Missing design variants

... roller chains

  • Limited width adjustment
  • Small bearing surface
  • High surface pressure
  • High wear with accumulation operation
  • No immediate driving with accumulation roller chains
  • Uneven or high elongation
  • Unbalanced running
  • Large wheel diameters

Inverted tooth chains from Renold - maximum versatility as a modular system.